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Guitarra Eléctrica GIBSON LP Classic Plain Top 2016 Limited Proprietary Gold Top LPCSP16GTCH3


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Before we all started wanting the most stunning quilted Maple tops or other new and exotic woods Gibson used plain maple for the tops on the Les Paul Standard. This Les Paul Classic Plain Top is a call back to the mid to late 50's where Gibson had just moved into the burst and crafting the Les Paul we all love today.

Limited Edition

Gibson make an interesting selection of guitars now to fit almost any style but the looks on most are certainly a bit more modern. Outside of this limited edition run if you want a high quality plain top Les Paul your choices were very limited if you did not want to spend £3000+. Now you can get a great quality classic looking Les Paul without having to break the bank.

Quality Build

Of course when building a Les Paul you know there are certain materials that have to be used. These are part of the guitars history and make up a lot of the sound we love. So you have a Mahogany body with a Plain Maple top along with a Mahogany neck topped with a Rosewood fretboard. This is what has been used on Les Paul Standards since the reason to change it now.

Classic 57 Pickups

A lot of the modern PAF style pickups we hear today capture a certain element of the early humbucker sound but quite often they crank up the output or adjust the midrange to suit more modern tones. The '57 Classic pickups are different as Gibson wanted to capture the best of the earliest humbuckers they ever need. They did this by measuring the output and tone of vintage guitars and matching it part for part as much as possible. So with that you have a wax potted Alnico II magnet with nickel plated pole pieces and slugs to capture the classic tone.



Top Species: Plain Maple
Body Species: Mahogany
Weight Relief: Traditional
NECK Species: Mahogany
Neck Shape: Slim Taper

Species: Rosewood
Scale Length: 24 3/4" Inlay: Acrylic Trapezoid
Width at Nut: 1.695"
Binding: Crea